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The Cost of Freedom  / Conni Ratcliff (None)
If it wasn't for men like Sgt Major McLochlin and my husband and my stepson and my niece my brothers father and my grandfathers we would not have the luxuries that we have as American's today. God Bless You and your family.
Camp Atterbury  / SSG Daryl Bollhoefer (Fellow Soldier, Friend )

To The McLochlin Family,

I recently attended a military course down and Camp Atterbury.  While sitting on the bleachers outside of the Military Academy, shortly after lunch chow, my fellow classmates and i started exchanging stories about SGM Mac.  It is not a stretch to say that out of the 43 students in my class, over half of them had served with, talked to, or knew of Mac.  It was incredible.  So many of the guys had great comical stories about Mac's sense of humor, incredible strength or uncanny ability to NOT choke-out the company commander in even the most deserving of circumstances. 

I deployed to Bosnia as a young and annoying Corporal and have many, many fond memories of then, 1SG McLochlin.  Between military schools all across the country, and lifelong friends like the Baker Family, SGM Mac's memory lives on-proud and strong.  Even if its just a simple trading of stories with a bunch of infantry guys sitting on some old bleachers in southern Indiana.

Just thought i would share that brief story.  There are hundreds more where that came from. 

Thinking of you this week, and every day since....--SSG Daryl K. Bollhoefer

Just thinking  / Brian (Buddy)

Just thinking about you buddy.

C 1/75 - 151 LRSD

Thinking of you  / Regina Crayton

Dearest Nicholle,

Today is Memorial Day...I saw a clip about your husband and your family yesterday on tv.  I don't even remember what channel it was on, but it really captured my heart.  I am 28 and have been married for 5 years.  My husband and I live in NC.  Watching you just ripped my heart out.  We don't have any children yet, but I was just putting myself in your place.  My heart just breaks for you.  I know you don't know me, but I just want you to know that I will be praying for you.  While there are no words that I can say that will amount to much, still, I just wanted you to know that.  I am so grateful for what your husband did for our country.  Men like him have made our country what it is today.  Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

In Christ,

Regina Crayton, NC

Thank You  / Cassie R. (none)
Thank you Jeff McLochlin for the sacrifice you made for our country. And thank you to the McLochlin Family for making the sacrifice to have your husband, father, brother and son go over seas and fight for our freedom. May God bless each and every one of you. One my Aunts is a Lieutenant Major in the Army and she spent a year in Afghanistan about a year ago. I know the sacrifice it was to our family to have her gone and I cannot imagine what it was like for you family.

I had another Aunt who was only weeks away from becoming a one star General in the Air Force who passed away just two weeks ago. I saw Nicholle on "News to Me" and went to the Jeff McLochlin memorial page and now my family and I are creating a memorial page for her. This page is a beautiful way to honor Jeff's memory and it will be a great way to remember and honor her. And in a way, I think it will help my family and I heal.

Thank you again for your sacrifice and may God watch over and bless your family.
TAPS / Samantha Clarke (Mentor to Kennedy )

Nicholle, Connor, Kennedy-


I am so glad that I got to see Kennedy again this year!  I hope to see her next year too!  Nicholle~  it was wonderful to have met you too!  I will write to Kennedy soon!  Talk to you soon!  Sam

Tears of Gratfulness  / Ashley Whitney (Just a Grateful American )
You dont know me, and I dont know you, although I just cried for you. I seen your "news to me" story on cnn.   My fiance was in Iraq during 2006.  I had many nights when I couldnt sleep because of fear of losing him. I am very grateful to you for your service and your sacrifice. I wish all the best to the family. Thank you again, if it wasnt for people like him, I wouldnt even be sitting here typing this right now.
Mac / Kelly Dugger (IN Guard and went with him to Afghanistan )

What can I say that hasn't been said or tell what wasn't already known. I hadn't met Mac prior to going to Afghanistan, but when I did he had that air of professionalism and duty. He was quick to make light of situations that were miserable and would just laugh it off. He always spoke of his family and couldn't wait to get back home to them.

Mac, I think of you often and the loved ones that must go through life without you. May they find peace and comfort, as you are still alive and living in their hearts.

CPT Kelly Dugger

Indiana National Guard



My Dear Friend  / Tammy Rice (friend)
I thought as time went by it would get easier missing you, yet it really doesn't. Everytime someone says what would Jeff had said or everytime I make cookies for everyone.
I meet your family this July and they are wonderful people. I was honored when I was asked to help with your Run! Your wife is a beautiful, strong woman and I have the utmost respect for her.
I just hope I can get to know her better so I can help fill this void I have for my dear friend.
I miss ya Mac!
Still miss you.  / Madeline Johns (friend)
Mac - I was driving home from Indy last weekend and a feeling of sadness came over me.  I realized that I was remembering the night your family and friends went to the airport to bring you home. I was one of those friends.  I try to think of the wonderful show of respect and honor many who knew who, and many who never had the chance to know you, gave you on that trip to Rochester.  Well deserved honor and respect.   I look to the heavens and know you're in a better place and not in any pain, danger, or hurt.  I know all this, but I'm selfish.  You see, my dear friend,  I would still like to have you in my life.  My life had more joy and laughter in it when you were around.  (Oh by the way, when Rochester beat Plymouth - well let's just say I even missed the ribbing I would have gotten from you.)   Maddy
Memorial Run Walk  / Madeline Johns (friend)
Dear Jeff - Well the Memorial Run/Walk in your honor was a great success.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people looked up to you.  We gave Joe a fairly simple assignment and - oh well it's best you don't know.  It was an honor for me to meet some of your National Guard buddies.   Last week I met a young man who served in Afganistan while you were.  He said he heard a lot about you, but never got to meet  you.  He said he hoped to someday be the soldier you were.  Mac, I didn't have the heart to tell him that wasn't possible, that there was only one Sgt. Major Jeff McLochlin.  I wished him well and thanked him for his service.  As I walked away, I noticed tears in his eyes.  I thought to myself how selfish we can be sometimes. I was only thinking about what a lose I felt from you being gone from us.   He is going back in January and I am going to do my very best to remember him and all the others in my prayers every day.    Maddie
The ways of a soldier!  / Jeremy Smith (Served 1 year in Wichester )

I only served with Sgt. Mclochlin for a year as part of the Indiana Army National Guard in Winchester. I never took things as serious as I should've. Sgt. Mclochlin did. He held his head up high as a soldier and did what he needed to do and more. He is an inspiration to all of us and his family is an inspiration as well. I am now a police officer and I take more pride in my duties. I hope that I am able to do my work and be a wonderful father later in my life as Jeff did. You are all always in my prayers, though you don't know me. He was a great person and very proud to be a father first, a soldier second, and a law enforcement officer third. He had every characturistic that a soldier should have. He has shown us the true meaning in life and death of what it meant to have "the ways of a soldier." Forever and always, God bless.     ------Jeremy Smith--------

You will not be forgotten...  / David Cook (none)
I have never met the Sgt. Major, but my condolences go out to his family and friends and as a young man and young soldier, I hope to one day be able to cast a shadow half as big as Sgt. Major McLochlin. Thank you for your sacrifice, lead the way.
English Report on My Hero  / Letitia Imel (niece)
I have chosen to do my report on the most un-selfish,bravest,loving and caring man I have ever known in my 16 years of living. I was not only lucky enough to meet him I was lucky enough to be his niece. I will never forget the first day I met him, he had one of those personalities where he just cared and loved everyone. I talked to him a little bit that day, and I remember how he listened to what I had to say. I will never forget the way he loved his family. He cherished every single one of them, he'd always play video games with his sons and even play Barbie's with his little girl. He also went into Connor's school a couple of times and read books to the kids, talked to them and played games. He usually did this right before he left. Jeff was ranked high in the army therefore he had the chance to call quite a bit. Nicholle would always long for his calls just to hear his voice and reassure her that he was safe and would be back home in no time. He would never worry her or the kids, if they asked if there was alot going on he'd always reply with,"no please don't worry I will be fine". If I was there when he'd call he'd always check up on me and see how school and everyone was doing.I could always tell by the sadness of his voice that he really missed his family and just being home. His last deployment was one of the worst it was last year in September and he was in a bad part. He didn't get to call as much because they'd shut the phones down when something big was going on. Nicholle worried alot but we never thought it would really happen until July 5th, 2006 I was at their house that day, and the worst thing happened for a family of a soldier. There were 3 army men in Nicholle's driveway that day all dressed in black. They would come to tell us the news that would later change the rest of our lives. Jeff had been killed in action that morning. The family misses him everyday and his presence is still with us, I feel safe knowing that he is looking over the family, it gives me a reassurance. I made Jeff a promise before he left that I would watch over the kids and help Nicholle out as much as I could. I would never break that promise. I can gladly say that Jeff fits the definition of a "hero" he fought for a cause, he has exceptional courage and strength, I admire Jeff for all of his achievements and someday I hope I can fulfill as many as he did. I can truly say that Jeff McLochlin is a true American Hero that will never be forgotten.
fREEDOM ISN'T FREE  / Traci M. (Cousin)  Read >>
fREEDOM ISN'T FREE  / Traci M. (Cousin)
  I knew you more through Nicholle's eyes than I did personally.
  But I was always proud to say you were part of my family.
  Your crazy sense of humor, laughter, and smile could make
   anyone feel better; if only for awhle.
  I loved listening to her tell funny stories about you,
   never a dull moment in life; always something new.
  Nicholle and I could talk for hours on the phone, your first
 question would be "still?" as soon as you got home.
  The world feels different now with you no longer here-
  you touched so many lives, Jeff-we all hold you dear.
 With your wisdom you trained soldiers and taught cops, 
 With your strength you handled convicts- I  know there where lots.
  With your heart, you held your family tight
  and kept Nicholle safe from worry and strife.
 I know your guarding them from the other side
  and we're all here to help them, finish out there ride.
 I've cried for lots of soldiers we've lost the last few years-
 But when it comes to you- I can't stop the tears.
 Your legacy lives on in your wife and family-
 We'll never let it go- your in our hearts and memories.
 You always have and aways will be a hero to me-
 Now I truly understand Jeff; FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.
thanks and you will never be forgotten  / Michael Stuckey (Served with him for 2 years )  Read >>
thanks and you will never be forgotten  / Michael Stuckey (Served with him for 2 years )
thanks for being a good friend and a great man.  I really miss you and you helped me out alot in my career in the military.  You gave me alot of good advice. We had some good times and some bad ones but they were and always will be great memories that i will cherrish forever. Thanks you have been a great influence in my life and you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. And my deepest condolences to the mclochlin family and friends Close
May God Bless!  / Daniel   Read >>
May God Bless!  / Daniel

May you rest in peace soldier! God Bless this family!
Your parents created an american hero that has served
and protected his community and his country, and made the
sacrifice few men would even consider. May your wife and
and children remain safe amongst your wings. This
web page is a beautiful tribute to your memory.

Mrs. Charlotte (Hartley)Caine & husband Norman  / Charlotte Caine (my son served with Jeff in Afganistan 2006 )  Read >>
Mrs. Charlotte (Hartley)Caine & husband Norman  / Charlotte Caine (my son served with Jeff in Afganistan 2006 )

Our deepest appreciation & gratitude to Jeff & all of his family for their sacrifice.
May God Bless & Keep You
Charlotte & Norman Caine

Beautiful Memorial Page!!  / Rosemary Dellsworth   Read >>
Beautiful Memorial Page!!  / Rosemary Dellsworth
I just felt I should comment what a beautiful
tribute this memorial page is to a very courageous "Man". Sgt. Major Jeff Mclochlin.
I see the impact you made upon the lives of many on this page. May it prosper with loving Family, Friends and co-workers that have surrounded your life.
Thank you!  / Ray Caldwell (Proud American )  Read >>
Thank you!  / Ray Caldwell (Proud American )
Sgt. Major Mclochlin you and your family are in my prayers.  I'm sure you are huge loss to your family, friends as well as your community.  May you rest in peace as your duty is over. Close
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