Sgt. Major Jeffery McLochlin
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Tribute to a Fallen Hero  / Garnet Jenkins (A Grateful American )
Please know that I am deeply sorry for  the loss of Sgt. Maj. Jeff A. Mclochlin. 
The price this Fine Soldier and his family paid for this country will never be forgotten. Thank you Sgt. Maj. Mclochlin for your dedication and service. You are a True American Hero. May you rest in the Mighty Arms of God and may God's Loving Comfort and Grace be with the Mclochlin family.
I am the sister of such a young hero, who made the Ultimate Sacrifice in Vietnam, many years ago. 

Rest your head now, weary soldier.
Cast your weapons to the ground.
Close your eyes and feel the peace,
the light of Jesus fold around.
Heed not our earthly battle cries,
there is no post for you to stand,
so rest now as he carries you within his loving hand.
Do not look back upon us,
disregard our selfish tears,
walk in the sunlight of the spirit,
free of war or pain and fear.
Your duty here is done now, as ours will someday be,
so go him now to places only heroes see.
~Author Unknown~

May the memories of your loved one live in your heart always.
Softly and slowly....
Time heals...
True hero  / Amber Kingston (Passer By )

Thank you for your service and courage,  you are a true hero and will never be forgotten.

Thank you my friend  / Mark Gordon (Former Soldier/Former Rochester resident )
Dear Jeff,

I first met you at Woodlawn Hospital. You were there investigating an accident if I remember correctly.  I was an evening Radiographer (X-Ray Tech). We discussed the Army , as I was a former soldier myself, having gotten out in 1988, as was my late Father , a retired Army Colonel.

I was always impressed in your athleticism and your dedicated work ethic, as a police officer and as a soldier. You were always such a physically fit person.

You joined me at my house at Pontiac St. one evening, when my wife called concerned of a break in. You laughed, sort of, when we made it to the attic and realized that I had accidently left a light on. Thank you.

You pulled my wife over for speeding one time, 2 houses away from the lake cottage we lived in. I never got a chance to thank you for that one!

I am sorry that i could not make to your services. I was admitted to a local hospital with a knee infection at the time and could not travel.

I just wanted to thank you for wearing the uniform of a soldier and paying the ultimate sacrifice for your country. 

I pray for your family and for those families with men and women still serving around the globe.

You have left us too early but I hope to meet you again someday.

Prior Service,
US Army....
and Proud.

May God Bless you,

Mark L. Gordon
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