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my idol  / M. H. (Served)
Jeff was an ETT and gunner from Gardez. I left for Afghanistan when I was 19, turned 20, and 21 on deployment. Needless to say I was impressionable. I was a 4.0er, he was a 4.5er, and a stud. Sturdy, confident, Ranger. The night before I gunned a convoy to Lawara with him, we took rockets, that destroyed a B-hut, and wounded two squad mates. We mounted up and headed out, towards Pakistan. We made a stop at Orgun-E. Jeff and I were cleaning our 240s right after we dismounted. And luck would have it... Incoming. There were a few blasts, but not too close. I jumped, and had the "o shit" face. Naturally.. one landed right next to me the night before... Jeff dusted his gun, looked at me and said "your B-hut got hit today?" I said "yeah", still with the 'oh boy its go time look'. He chuckled, and said "aint nothin, keep cleaning your weapon. This is the best part of the Infantry". The next day we made it to Lawara, and traded Jeff for another ETT to take back. Two weeks later, I was heading home, and I heard there was a 203rd KIA. Jeff. Big Mac. No. Way. Not possible. I've worn a stainless steel memorial bracelet for Jeff for almost 9 years, coming up on 10 years since I stepped off. I'll never forget Jeff, and I'll wear my bracelet to the grave. I came home and became a cop. I carry SGM Jeffery Mclochlin with me everywhere I go. RLTW
10-7 / M. H. (Soldier)
coming up on 10 years since I I left for Afghanistan, at 19. I turned 20, and 21 while there... Met Jeff in Gardez. We took rockets in Gardez his last night there. Mounted up and moved out to Orgun and Lawara. When we got there, there was an explosion, and I about jumped out of my skin. The rounds that hit Gardez were right by my hut, so I was really jumpy. Jeff was sitting right across from me, saw me jump, and look at him with the "fuck" face. he was just brushing away, cleaning the dirt out of his 240. Looked dead at me and asked "your B-hut got blown up earlier? We're good". He just continued cleaning, and I thought, man... If he's not scared, I shouldn't be. I left two or three days later. While I was preparing to leave Afghanistan(July 7, 2006) I heard Jeff was killed in action. RLTW, you are never forgotten.
My Friend  / Jerry Hartley (FRIEND)

Ah, but I have failed you my friend.  You led me through trouble and fear and I found refuge.  You gave your life and I came home to endulge.  I have failed you. 

You and your family are heros... I have seen them in action since you have left us.  No doubt, you are proud.  I am ashamed.  Thank you for instilling in me the virtues of a warrior and the wisdom that I attribute to my homecoming.  You deserve more....

I am still weak and searching for the strength of your family...I have failed you and them.  I say I love you, but cannot find the intestinal fortitude to even speak of your love and loyalty to comrade and I am weak in your shadow. 

Jeff, forgive me as I am human, but brother know that if I was able to be there for you in your time of need I would have...I am only sorry that I did  not fight hard enough to be there in your moment of need.  But know that even today you influence me and your family should shine with pride knowing they are a part of you.

I will meet you again my friend.  Until then, please forgive my human traits of weekness.



Tremendous Loss  / SFC Mike Menapace Sr. (Went to Basic Training together )


To the entire McLochlin

First let me say how deeply saddened I was when I saw that Jeff had been killed. My name is Mike Menapace Jeff and I were in the very same Platoon very same Bay (sleeping area) during our basic training and Infantry training from December 1986 till we graduated on 20 Maart 1987 and moved over the Airborne School. I lost track of Jeff after Airborne school I reported to the 82nd ABN DIV and Jeff reported to the Ranger Regt. But I like many people wondered where the guys are that I went through training with.  I never thought in a million years that I'd see Jeff's face let alone someone that I knew as killed in action. You know it is always the other people's friends not mine who get's killed but this time it was a friend from a long time ago in my youth. 

I went right to my basic training graduation like yearbook at sought out Jeff's picture just to make sure it was or wasn't the same face I recalled from all those years ago.  I was sad to see it indeed was.

My thought's went right to Jeff's family. I never knew that Jeff had married had children so when I did some research and saw that he had a wife and kids that made my sadness for you all even greater.

I was sad that you all lost such a powerful person in your lives. I knew Jeff from NOV 1986-April 1987 and I knew he was a special person. Was always there for others doing what he could for others and was always there when things got interesting as they sometimes did.

So please know that all of you are thought of each day as i pray for each one of you.  I plan to make a trip to mid-west and when i do you can bet on me stopping by to visit Jeff.  


Mike Menapace Sr.




You Blessed My Life  / Charlie Goggin (Grateful American )

Thank you for sharing this with me Nicholle. I hope Conner is doing better. Your family crossed paths with me and blessed my life. Please keep me posted. Thanks again.



Belated Honor  / Denise Young (None but a military mom )

To the Family of Sgt Major Jeffery A. McLochlin,

Please accept these belated condolences at the loss of your beloved Jeffery.  I know words cannot ease the pain but I hope you know you are not alone in your feelings.  Many hearts ache when a Hero is lost.  It has been brought to my attention that your family has not been presented with one more Tribute to your Fallen hero, a personalized Gold Star banner.  It would be my honor to present your family with this banner whenever and wherever you would like.  Please contact me and let me know if you would allow me to present this tribute to your family.

Heartfelt Sympathies,

Denise Young, Chapter President

North Central Blue Star Mothers of Indiana

I remember him from Gardez  / Florida National Guard (His student )

To SGM McLochlin's wife and children:

I am sorry for your loss.  I was fortunate enough to serve with your husband/father in Afghanistan.  He was an ETT (trained and took Afghan Army on missions) and I provided security for convoys and patrols.  His mission in Afghanistan was, in my opinion, probably the most underestimated yet most valuable in the entire campaign and SGM McLochlin was THE perfect man for the job.

Because of his efforts and sacrifice we have been able to provide the training and mindset needed for the Afghan Military and government to control their own country effectively and legitimately.  In other words, because of your husband/father, the Afghan people will experience peace and freedom and other US soldiers will come home to their families.  SGM McLochlin lived the Ranger motto "Ranger's Lead The Way." 

I also remember him working out in our makeshift gym in Gardez.  He was very physically fit and I wanted to emulate him.  I ended up being somewhat of his student and the classroom was the gym.  While we worked out he would talk to me about tactics, workouts and other military/law enforcement topics.  As a result when I returned home to Florida I became a Police Officer just like your husband/father.  He is a Great American and I hope I can live up to his memory.

Poem / The "Butlers" Tom, Samantha, Alison &. Dan (Friend)

I was reading this book and read the following verse and it just brought tears to my eyes.  I truly believe that Jeff is with God and watching over us all, especially Nicholle and the kids.

 Few things can create as much excitement when you're outside as the sight of a rainbow after a rain shower.  The power of it, the beauty of it, the majesty of it, can take your breath away.  What a glorious way for the heavens to tell us that God is faithful.

   The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

PSALM 19:1

The "Butlers"
Tom, Samantha, Alison, and Daniel

My Dear Friend  / Madeline Johns (friend)
It will be a year soon since you were taken from us.  There is not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  I believe that the good Lord above places people in our lives for a reason.  My dear friend, he put you in my life to show me once again how blessed a person is to have a true friend.  Getting to know you brought me joy, knowledge, a safe feeling, and laughter.  I find myself sometimes looking up to heaven when I just need to feel at peace.  I wonder if you know how many lives you made better.  Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.  I thought you were indistructible, bigger than life.  When our Heavenly Father called you home many hearts broke that day.  Your example to others has made a difference for so many. So many soldiers, police officers, and friends speak many accolades about you.  I'm sure the one you hold most dear is husband, father, son and brother.   May God hold you in his loving hands dear friend.  I miss you.   
God grant me the strength!  / Doug Bullock (Sered in Bosnia 2004 )
God grant me the strength to go on in life now that you have taken such a wonderful person from this earth. I only hope that I will one day see Jeff again in Heaven. Please watch over the kids and Jeff's parents and wife. I know you have a big plan in mind for your soldier in heaven. He was true to you and his family and I am a better person for knowing him. God bless the kids who have to go on without their dad. Jeff will be greatly missed.
Doug Bullock (Bosnia 2004)
Through Nicholle's Eyes  / Traci Miller (Nicholle's Cousin )
I can't explain how this came about-only that I have spent some time talking with Nicholle and listening to what's going on with her and the kids. I hurt not only because the world has lost someone so special-but because I know their hearts are broken. I have tried to capture some of the stuff that Nicholle has shared with me and use it as a tribute to Jeff-because his biggest concern was always for her and the kids-but also for Nicholle, Connor, Kennedy, and Darby. As big of a hero as Jeff was-in my eyes-they are as well. They are the ones that loved and supported Jeff in all that he did and believed in to make it easier for him. I love you all. I think about Jeff everyday and miss him-but I also think about his family-for they are the ones that must carry on without him. 

Through Nicholle's Eyes

We said our goodbyes, baby, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
Took you to the airport, watched you walk away, there was nothing more I could do.
Another year you'll be gone-we've been down this road before.
The phone calls will come-just to leave me longing for more.
I know your heart stays with me and the kids here-
but you belong to the army for just one more year.

I have to keep telling myself...
Just one more year-then you'll be here beside me.
Just a few more tears then you won't ever have to leave me.
I can make it through knowing that I'll be with you forever more.

It's almost time for you to come home.
Just 2 more months and I won't have to be alone.
Happy 4th of July, baby, it's hard to celebrate without you-
But me and the kids we're fine and we are all so proud of you.
Can't wait for you to come home-
No more surviving just talking on the phone.
Oh the things we'll do as we grow old-
The kids and I can't wait to have you back to hold.

I have to keep telling myself...
Just one more year-then you'll be here beside me.
Just a few more tears then you won't ever have to leave me.
I can make it through knowing that I'll be with you forever more.

Today the soldiers came to tell me you were gone. 
I don't know what to do now-I feel so all alone.
Me and the kids we are trying to get by-
There are so many days we just want to sit and cry.
So many times we just want to run and hide-
Thank God I can feel you by my side. 

I have to keep telling myself...
This isn't a bad dream that I can wake up from.
How many more tears to cry before I will be done?
I have to make it through-
So no one forgets about you.

One of a kind  / Tina Goble (sister-in-law)
This is my tribute to a truly remarkable brother-in-law,father,husband and all around man. I never worried about my little sis after she met Jeff, I knew she was in good hands. In his eyes you could see that he loved his wife and kids with everything he had. After I became a divorced mother of three and moved back to Rochester this eagle spread his wings and included my children and me in their life. He helped out wherever he could, from changing my tire on a hot day, to installing deadbolts on my doors. He and Nicholle cared for my children in the summer while I was at work,he chauffeured my children to the park program and school. And never once did he complain or treat me like a burden. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was sister to the love of his life, but that wasn't all of it he was truly a one of a kind man, with a heart of gold! I loved to hear his stories, nobody can tell a story like Jeff,  I think about him everyday and how many people miss him so very much. God bless you Jeff, thank-you for everything! 
Gone But Not Forgotten  / Misty Day (sister of fallen Marine Cpl. Rusty Washam )


"One of the Few and the Proud"

~Always Loved...NEVER Forgotten~

I lost my brother Marine Cpl. Rusty Washam February 14, 2006 in Iraq by a suicide bomber he was only 21. People keep saying it will get easier as time goes by its almost been a year since we lost Rusty but it feels like yesterday. I will keep your family in my prayers. May God Bless you and help heal your Broken Hearts from this huge loss.

With Deepest Sympathy  / Proud And Grateful American
We do not know each other, but I wanted to tell you that I believe what he was doing was important and his sacrifice for freedom mattered very much. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Loving Deeply  / Nicholle McLochlin (Wife)  Read >>
Loving Deeply  / Nicholle McLochlin (Wife)
''What we have once enjoyed,we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.'' ~ Helen Keller Close
RIP Ranger  / Brian Churchill (Fellow Ranger - Police Officer )  Read >>
RIP Ranger  / Brian Churchill (Fellow Ranger - Police Officer )

I think about you often. Rest in Peace my friend.


C 1/75 '87-'91

D 151 LRSD '91-'94 ING

What an Honor . . .  / Jane Cruzan   Read >>
What an Honor . . .  / Jane Cruzan

It was a pleasure meeting you and the other families at the TAPS event at Franklin College Juli 9 - 11 2010. I do hope it was a great experience connecting with other families of the fallen  heroes. You touched my heart. What an honor to be the wife of such a selfless hero but know you miss him so very much.  I am proud of all our heroes and pray for all of their safety and their families. Again it was a pleasure meeting you.

Most sincerely

Jane Cruzan

Condolences & Gratitude  / Military Mother/Wife (none)  Read >>
Condolences & Gratitude  / Military Mother/Wife (none)

Thank you Jeff for everything you gave and did for so many people during your time here with us. Mei God keep you close by Him and may He specially bless Nicholle and your children as they grow. When they're feeling sad or lonely or in need of strength or guidance may He inspire them with memories of you and the special things you said or did that will uplift them...and in turn may they realise how great is their Father's love.


Outstanding NCO  / Al Bump (1SG)  Read >>
Outstanding NCO  / Al Bump (1SG)
Jeff was a PSG for me in A CO 1-293d and was the glue that held the NCO Corps together in that company.  He was a top notch NCO and outstanding infantryman.  It was an honor and priviledge to know him and to be able to serve with him.  My prayers for the grace of God on his family. Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Nicholle McLochlin (Wife)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Nicholle McLochlin (Wife)
Kennedy called me to her window first thing this morning. She wanted to show me what a perfect day God made for her Daddys birthday. We both looked out the window at the trees covered in frost tiny little snowflakes floating through the air and the ground sparkled like glitter. It truly was breathtaking. We talked for a while about how only God could make something so beautiful and perfect. I reminded her of Gods promise that one day we will all be in Heaven and that her Daddy would be the first one to hug her. She likes to hear this often. She was concerned that you might not have your favorite cake in Heaven so Connor and I baked your cake. ( He is quite the cook just like his father.) Happy Birthday Babe. Your laugh your presence is so greatly missed. Close
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